Intricately Beautifully Free – International Women’s Day

We are all so intricately complicated and beautiful at the same time. I have realized how different all of our walks are. We can either choose to let these differences divide us or choose to grow through them and let it make us stronger. If only we would take the time to understand each other, our minds would be more at ease and our life would flow so much more freely.

As women I believe we should speak up even when it hurts or when it’s hard, lift each other up, walk alongside each other in positivity, lovingly correct each other, but also encourage each other, and pour grace on our own self and one another.

Real talk – I’m often times a hot mess. I’m not as put together as I may look. Truth is I’m still oftentimes insecure, ignorant at more times than I can admit, I say the wrong things A LOT, I fail every single day, and I overthink and over analyze everything! And that’s just me consolidating it all into this post. There are much more imperfections. All of this to say that we are ALL imperfect and trying to figure it out and that’s ok!

So today instead of hiding under a rock and self pity – I choose to forgive myself and correct myself because I’m only responsible for my actions. As a good friend encouraged me today, Bella Goldin my booty out of this rut!

Comparison, pride, disagreements, the passive aggressive silent treatments, bitterness, anger, lack of confidence, fear, anxiety, and all of these other things that may be festering in our hearts. I have put all of these at the very top of my NOT-to-do list to completely CROSS them off and remind myself of THE ULTIMATE CROSS which shows me that I should be humble, kind, loving, slow to anger, quick to forgive, silent when I don’t know everything, careful with my words, listen more and talk less, and remember to LOVE like so.

So in honor of #internationalwomensday, I wish you FREEDOM. If you’re in a rut today with yourself, a friend, stranger, or a closer one, Bella Goldin yourself out of it and free yourself of any guilt, shame, grudge, or heartache.

To all my sisters out there holding it down as a Bella Goldin girl (aka intricately and uniquely beautiful from the inside out) who have gone through pain, undeserved abuse, heartache, loss, hard labor, underpayments, unappreciated, misunderstood, THANK YOU …

To the MOTHERS or WIVES with a kid on their hip and another kid tugging at their shirt while they cook and clean and have a 50 loads of laundry and baby blocks to pick up from the floor AND then trying to work.

To the women that are SINGLE or TAKEN juggling a million things like waking up at the crack of dawn to sit in traffic to get to work and then go to school and then an internship and then come home to pick up their kid or handle a situation at home and the only time you have for yourself is the shower.

To the NEWLY WED waiting on a little miracle, acclimating to living with a companion, plus keeping it together whilst handling all of mom and pop and sibling situations.

To the women who have more WISDOM than I can count. Who have the weight of holding down the whole family, plus be strong through new found or ongoing illness and the what-it’s of life, loss, work, present, future.

Yet you all still have time to be women of inspiration. THANK YOU to all the women that have crossed my path or are still here inspiring me to be the woman I am growing into; the best version I can learn to be. I can only hope I can be half the women you are. You are all Strong. Beautiful. Brave. Bold.

And remember, even women like Beyonce fall sometimes 😉

Thank you for reading. Until next time lovelies!!

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